Refer Clients, No Hassles, Get Paid

The MODX Cloud referral program gives you the best of both worlds: a powerful platform tailored for MODX, and extra income without the hassles and headaches of hiring sysadmins.

Step 1: Share With Your Clients

Your unique code tracks all referrals. It also sets a cookie so if they sign up within 45-days, you still get credit.

Step 2: Your Clients Save, Too

When one of your clients signs up, they get 50% off their first month of hosting. Everyone wins and gets a great deal!

Step 3: Profit!

When your referrals pay two months in a row you earn either their first two months revenues, or 10% ongoing.

Jason Sonderman

We finally fired our traditional web host. For years, we burned countless hours maintaining not only numerous MODX sites but constantly attempting to maintain the host server instead on focusing on what we do best: design and code.

Moving to MODX Cloud gives me what I need: a dashboard to keep my deployed sites on the most recent version, a simple process for backing up and recovering, the ability to create starter Snapshots to bootstrap development in minutes, and a lean dev-to-deploy process between our cloud and our clients’.

Jason Sonderman, Blue148—Kansas City, MO

One Login to Rule Them All

They Pay for Their Account. You Manage It for Them.

When your clients sign up, they can add you to their account. From a single MODX Cloud login you can work with all your clients. Both site builders and owners can connect accounts to collaborate on and maintain sites and building new features. You don’t have to keep track of yet another login.

Just a Few Things to Start

  • Your MODX Cloud accound ID code for your paid plan
  • A PayPal email for your payouts
  • A desire to make more money!

You just need a few tidbits of info and two minutes to apply. The only thing you have to wait for is clients signing up so you can start accumulating earnings in your account. Why not go ahead scroll down, right now, to apply.

Partner with MODX Cloud

Sign up now to get in the front of the line … and thanks for your interest our pilot MODX Cloud referral program.

During the pilot, we will review and revise the details so it works best for you as referral partners, your customers, and for MODX. You’ll immediately get credited for your referrals, but please allow at least 90 days for your payouts to start—you can expect regular emails and status updates in the interim. And while it’s hard to conceive of it happening, we reserve the right to discontinue the program at any time, for any reason, as insanely remote as that chance may be.

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